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August 2006
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New episodes coming -- be patient!

As you will notice, I have not published a fresh episode in approximately two months. However, I have three (3) episodes currently in the stage of post-processing and will have them up and ready to go within the next week or so.

I recorded an interview with four panelists recently. The topic was "How Leaders Deal with Adversity" and panelists included: Dr. Sam Pace (internal medicine physician); Dr. Mary Pace (Dr. Sam's wife and a general practitioner/family doctor who focuses upon women's health issues); Vickie Ramsey (community college instructor and breast cancer survivor); and Kristi Brown (a panelist on three prior episodes and a cancer survivor).
This was an exciting episode to record. As a matter of fact, it contained so much information that I have decided to split it into two episodes. No doubt, you'll enjoy these episodes.

Another episode on hand is an interview I conducted with Mr. Jim Johnson, Sheriff of Lee County, MS. Sheriff Johnson talked about leadership in the public service arena, including some quite moving stories about how leadership has played a key role in the lives of individuals touched by the work of law enforcement officers.

So, as you see, I have some excellent programs coming soon for your consumption. Thanks for staying subscribed so you won't miss a single episode.

Please feel free to send your input, suggestions, or questions.

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Episode 13: How A Leader Deals with Cancer (w/Kristi Brown)

Recently, I had an opportunity to sit down with Kristi Brown and talk about several aspects of leadership. The first two episodes have been posted already (Episodes 11 and 12). However ... Kristi and I continued our "off air" conversations, it became increasingly apparent to me that Kristi's compelling, moving story of her bout with cancer would be just the thing for this leadership podcast.

As you will hear in this program, Kristi and her husband, Steve, had tried for several years to have children shortly after their marriage 14 years ago. However, they discovered, during a routine check with her doctors, that Kristi had a rare condition known as premature ovarian failure -- which meant that she could not have children. The only possibility of their having children would be via in vitro fertilization. After the passage of time, they tried this procedure and Kristi did, in fact, become pregnant.

Now, rather than my telling you the rest of the story, I think you will find it necessary to subscribe to this podcast and hear Kristi's story, as it is unveiled incident by incident.

Kristi and I both hope that this episode will be of special encouragement to all ladies that they will visit their health care professional and get regular checkups. Too, this gives me a chance to encourage all men to get checked for not only prostate cancer (perhaps the most common type of cancer peculiar to men), but also for other catastrophic diseases and conditions.

Some listeners might think that this program is not focused directly on leadership. Quite to the contrary, when you hear Kristi's testimony, you will recognize how she, as a strong leader, had to dig down and pull herself up by the bootstraps during this time of intense agony. Leaders find themselves in a variety of situations where their emotions and energies are stretched to the breaking point. What do they do? How do they make it through one dilemma after another? What are the characteristics of the effective leader that enable him/her to not only survive, but also thrive in these troubling times?

Enjoy this episode, then please send comments, suggestions, and your own stories about how you or a person you know has dealt with catastrophic conditions, as they demonstrated strong leadership abilities. You can call the podcast hotline number (shown below), email me (a link is provided below), or you might want to just record an audio file and email that to me so I can use it in a future episode.

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Episode 12: Kristi Brown on Leadership, Session 2

My guest again this episode is Kristi Brown from Starkville, Mississippi (home of Miss. State University).

In this episode, we discuss some of the particular features of leaders we have known, watched, and worked with--both the positive and the negative. Some leaders seem to have an innate ability to lead people or full teams, while others seem to find joy in tearing teams apart. This destructive nature of some leaders--at least positional leaders--gives them a feeling of power. Only the weak leaders feed on power. The strong leaders create power among their people, then they give that power away, quite judiciously, to their team members who exhibit the ability to handle power that comes their way.

I feel sure that, as you listen to this episode, you will remember leaders for whom you have worked. But, the key question may be: Are you the kind of leader you really want to be?

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Episode 11:  Kristi Brown on Leadership, Session 1

My guest this episode is Kristi Brown, an energetic and enthusiastic young lady who has both achieved and observed leadership in a variety of venues. She is a public relations professional, a certified meeting planner, and an overall "good gal." I believe you will really enjoy hearing the perspective Kristi has on leaders and leadership in several types of organizations.

Kristi lives with her husband, Steve, along with her two beautiful white Labs, Sadie and Lily, in Starkville, Mississippi, home of Mississippi State University. I first met Kristi when she was working on staff at Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. She had a Mississippi State coaster on her desk, so that initiated a conversation between us. It's funny how just that one instant has brought us back together so many times since then.

Subsequent to that, Kristi moved to Starkville, MS (where I lived most of my life and taught at Mississippi State University) and worked in the Chamber of Commerce. Not too long thereafter, she was hired at Miss. State to work in the office of student recruiting and orientation. Naturally, she wanted to further her education, so she enrolled in the graduate program in Instructional Technology and became one of my "prize students."

Kristi resigned recently as Vice-President of the Greater Starkville Development Partnership so that she could pursue her new company, UpsideBrown Consulting, where she does not only consulting for companies and public service entities, but also personal life coaching. This is one talented lady!

During our conversation in this episode, Kristi recommended several books and audio programs that can help anyone who desires to achieve excellence in leadership. I have provided an easy way for you to click and check out the books below.

  • Boundaries: When to Say Yes, When to Say No, To Take Control of Your Life
  • The Art of Exceptional Living
  • QBQ: The Question Behind the Question
  • The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Battlefield of the Mind

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Thank you for being such a valuable member of the Think Like A Leader audience. We now have more than 6,000 subscribers!! Tune in next time for another episode with Kristi Brown.

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Great leaders need great podcasts. That is the purpose for this continuing series of informative episodes about successful podcasting.

I conduct an interview with Jeff Sewell, a professional audio/media engineer. Our topics this episode include:

  • Microphones. Two types: dynamic and condenser. Situations in which one type mic or the other will work best. How to position mics for best pickup.
  • Most common mic connectors: XLR; 1/4"; USB; and 1/8"
  • Mixers. Common features on a mixer. How to adjust for proper EQ
  • Basics of frequency/wavelength -- and how this understanding can aid the successful leader in podcasting
Please send your comments in one of the following ways:
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  • Click the "Comment" link below to send comments here on this podcast blog

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Thank you for being a loyal subscriber and supporter of Think Like A Leader!

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Episode 9: Podcasting Clinic w/Jeff Sewell, Pt. 2

This episode is a discussion between Dr. Larry Anderson, host of Think Like A Leader podcast, and Jeff Sewell, audio engineer and owner of Sewell & Associates.

After a general introduction in the previous episode, Larry and Jeff discuss the basics of setting up a podcasting studio. We use as a starting point, some information of choosing a microphone. Then, we talk about other equipment necessary for a beginning podcast studio. We describe settings on our mixer, then talk more in detail about how mixers can impact the quality of the podcast.

Future sessions will delve more in depth with these issues, then get into a broader expanse of what you need in your podcast "gig bag."

Please send your comments and questions to me via email or you can leave them here by clicking on the "comments" link below. Also, you may call the voice mail hotline at 206.984.3136.

I invite you to subscribe to this podcast via iTunes.

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Episode 8: Podcasting Clinic w/Jeff Sewell, Pt. 1

In this episode, I interview Jeff Sewell, owner of Sewell & Associates -- audio/multimedia engineering firm -- to set the stage for upcoming episodes when we explore various techniques for becoming a better podcaster.

I asked Jeff to give some background on his experiences in sound engineering, so you could learn what talents he brings to the table and how he might be able to help us all. Jeff's experience covers many years of working with professional musicians, artists, and entertainers; thus, he certainly can work with some of us fledgling podcasters.

Listen to his stories about running sound for such groups as: Geoff Moore and the Distance, Petra, Al Denson, Point of Grace, Anthony Burger (Bill Gaither Homecoming), Dino, Bill Cosby, Reba McEntire, Wynonna Judd, Charlie Daniels, and many, many more.

In coming episodes, we will discuss such concepts as: how to choose a microphone; how to use a microphone properly; how to choose and use a mixer; how to choose good headphones; tips and strategies on wiring; and general information on setting up a small podcasting studio to get the best results.

Please send your comments and questions to me via email or you can leave them here by clicking on the "comments" link below. Also, you may call the voice mail hotline at 206.984.3136.

I invite you to subscribe to this podcast via iTunes.

Until next time, Think Like A Leader!!

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What one, single word best describes leadership?

In this episode, I report on feedback I received when I asked several people to respond to that question. Recently, I sent out an email message to a few hundred of my contacts, and I asked:

What one word, in your opinion, best describes the notion of leadership? In other words, if you had to boil down leadership into just one word, what would that be?

The responses were intriguing. Here are the first ones I received...and which are reported in this episode:

  • integrity; but the more I think about it, the word should be servant -- Carol Anne McGuire, California
  • vision -- Lucy Gray, Illinois
  • courage, commitment, understanding, direction, shepherd -- Kristen Vassos, New Jersey (these are responses from members of her family)
  • communication -- Gayle Berthiaume, Minnesota
  • integrity, commitment -- Dr. Otto Benavides, California
  • vision -- Joanna Seymour, Iowa
  • heart-- Tami Brass, Minnesota
  • creativity -- Jeff Hall, Virginia
  • relationships -- Robert (Bob) Hudson, Illinois
  • experimentation -- Patricia Conlan, New York City

Then, there was one more very special submission by Dr. Pat Horn, an Apple Distinguished Educator from Florida. Pat called the Think Like A Leader hotline (206/984-3136) and left an audio message. The crux of her submission is:

  • vision, dedication, caring spirit, persistence ... but she summed up all this by saying a leader must be "a visionary who leads by doing."

I appreciate all the feedback that you sent in. Now, I am putting out a Call for Help on a few issues:

  1. Book Reviews -- I promised you some reviews of books on leadership and related topics. A few of them have been included in previous episodes; however, I want to give you a great many more. In order to accomplish this, I need some of you to record a brief audio file in which you give a 1-2 minute synopsis of some book that has meant a great deal to you. Send your files to me at
  2. Your Most Admired Leader -- I need you to create a short audio file (30 seconds - 2 minutes) and tell me who your most admired leader is, and why. I would like to play some of these audio submissions on a future episode.
  3. Music for Podcast -- Although I have been using music composed by Ted Scalzo in New York, I would like to get some more of you to send some music that I can use as bumpers/clips/jingles for the: opening; transitions; and closing. I know you are great musicians, so please send me your stuff and we'll highlight it on a future episode.

Please send your comments and questions to me via email or you can leave them here by clicking on the "comments" link below. Also, you may call the voice mail hotline at 206.984.3136.

I invite you to subscribe to this podcast via iTunes.

Until next time, Think Like A Leader!!

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Arizona Conexiones Students interview me @ MEC2006

Conexiones Students Interview Larry Anderson

Perhaps you have listened to the interview I conducted with three students involved in the Conexiones Project that is being operated at Arizona State University. These students are high schoolers who are classified as migrant students. They were so charming, eager, and creative.

However, one of the fun things that occurred at the annual Microcomputers in Education 2006 Conference (MEC) at Arizona State was when these students, functioning as student reporters for the conference, asked if they could interview me. What a thrill for me!

The interviewer is rather hard to hear in the audio; however, I believe you will enjoy listening to this interview. Also, when you navigate to the students' web page, feel free to look around and check out th other things they are doing! Please send them feedback, too, in the form of encouraging words. They worked extremely hard to post this material and could use a hearty pat on the back.

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Episode 6: Conexiones Students in Arizona

I sat down with three high school students during the Microcomputers in Education (MEC) 2006 Conference in Tempe, Arizona, where I was invited to be a keynote speaker. These students are part of a program focusing upon migrant students' use of technology and interpersonal relationships skills. The students talked about their leadership roles, how they perceive leaders, and how the Conexiones Project has helped them succeed in their academic pursuits.

Music for this episode was provided by Ted Scalzo, Bay Area High School in New York. The audio for this episode is quite poor due to the conditions in which we recorded. Plus, I did not have my mixer with me, so we had to use only one microphone and it was highly directional. I pointed the mic at the students rather than myself. Please pardon the quality, but I had to make a decision to go ahead with the recording or to miss this opportunity completely. I chose to record!

If you have not done so already, I invite you to subscribe to this podcast in iTunes (free).

Please feel free to leave feedback or comments here on this blog. Or, you can send me an email. In addition, please call in to the Think Like A Leader hotline at 206/984-3136 and leave a voicemail.

I really do want to hear from you, especially if you have suggestions for improving this podcast or have ideas for future episodes.

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