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Episode 16:  Part One--How Leaders Deal with Adversity

Recently, I had the privilege of convening a panel of individuals who are recognized locally as strong leaders to discuss the important topic, How Leaders Deal with Adversity. This was a most informative and provocative interview.

Panelists included:

  • Dr. Sam Pace, MD -- a noted gastroenterologist in Tupelo, MS
  • Dr. Mary Pace, MD -- a physician who has her own private practice and who deals often with traumatic conditions (also, Dr. Sam Pace's wife)
  • Vickie Ramsey -- an instructor at Northeast Mississippi Community College. She also has authored a book, Humor 'n Healing, about her experience with breast cancer.
  • Kristi Brown -- a popular speaker, author, and life coach. Kristi's book, To Walk on Fertile Ground: Extraordinary Living through Infertility and Cancer, is just hot off the press. You'll want to email Kristi and request a book, ask a question, or make a comment.

The original recording took place in December 2006; however, the entire program lasted for almost 1.5 hours. So, I have split it into three parts. Parts 2 and 3 will follow this episode approximately one week apart.

As you listen to this episode, I encourage you to make notes, then send in your comments and/or questions so we can use them in a future episode. I know that many of you have compelling stories that will interface well with the content of these three episodes. So, I encourage you to participate by sending in your material.

You can contribute to this podcast in any of the following ways:

  • Email me <-- (click on the link)
  • Podcast hotline: 206/984-3136
  • Leave comments by using the link shown below

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Many thanks to all of you who are such valuable subscribers and contributors to this podcast. I simply cannot do it without you. You just have to be the very best audience in all of "podcast-dom" -- I just know it!

Note: Please pardon the audio quality on these three episodes of this program. When I set up the microphones for this group recording, I made a couple of wrong connections into the mixer; therefore, Dr. Mary Pace was not mic'ed correctly, nor was I. Then, when I finished the first run of post-production, I ran the audio file through the program, Levelator, so it would balance everything. Well, it did a pretty good job; however, you will hear some "dips" during the program when nobody is speaking. Therefore, please pardon these errors of mine. Just listen to the content, please.

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Great leaders often do the small things in big ways. And, many times, this means they do "just a little bit more" than is required. That's what gives them the competitive edge over their competition--that razor's edge!

In this episode, we discuss just a few recommendations that, while seemingly small, can make all the difference in our success:

  • Greet others first
  • Smile!
  • Be courteous
  • Offer help before it's sought
  • Send cards or letters to offer a word of encouragement, thanks, etc.
  • Return phone calls promptly
  • Check your email messages to ensure that they aren't harsh or could be misinterpreted
  • Read Good to Great by Jim Collins and Psychology of Winning by Denis Waitley. These are just two of the many books I consider essential in a leader's library. Remember, "all leaders are readers."
  • Seek ways to make others' jobs easier and faster
  • Value others' opinions
  • Apologize if wrong has been done. True/effective leaders take personal responsibility for their errant actions.

If you have not done so already, please subscribe to this podcast so you can receive all episodes automatically. Then, please feel free to send your comments and suggestions by one of the following methods:

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Recently, I conducted a brief survey of technology coordinators and leaders in 3 states. My purpose was to ask them these questions:

1. Do you block iTunes in your school? (followed by, if so, why not?)

2. Do you allow students to bring iPods to school?

There were a couple more related questions, but the main focus of the survey was to determine to what extent iTunes and iPods are a part of the planned school learning environment.

I'll bet you can predict the responses.

So....what do you think they said? Let me hear from you. You can either shoot me an audio file (MP3 would be great), a voice mail or fax to my hotline number (206/984-3136), or email me.

After you send me some feedback, I will respond with the results. I am open to suggestions from you on how I can expand this survey to more states and/or countries, as well.

Until next safe!

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