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March 2006
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Episode 4:  The World is Flat It was a normal, sunny morning in Tupelo, MS. I was sitting at my breakfast table, reading the local newspaper, when I noticed an announcement from the Lee County (MS) Friends of the Library. There was to be a noon luncheon held today and the feature was to be a book review by locally-revered citizen, Mr. Glenn McCullough.

Glenn is a former mayor of Tupelo, then resigned when President Bush chose him to become Chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority. He has testified before U.S. Congress, traveled the entire world as a speaker, consultant, and business leader. Today, though, he was to give a thorough review of Thomas Friedman's highly-acclaimed book, The World is Flat.

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Thank you for being such good supporters and encouragers of the Think Like A Leader podcast.

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Who is Larry Anderson? & A Book Review Several subscribers/listeners asked me to tell you a bit about who I am, so the first section of this episode includes a few stories that, I hope, will reveal a bit about why I am so intrigued with the notion of leadership.
Also, I spotlight three individuals who mean a great deal to me, who show me the essence of leadership:
  1. Dr. Bob Phares, Asst. Supt. in the Enterprise (AL) School District
  2. Al Denson, a successful Christian musician, author, radio & TV personality, and entrepreneur. Al is my nephew, but I admire him for his enthusiastic leadership style -- and how he leads others by living his life as a stellar example of excellence
  3. Norma Cother, managing broker for Crye-Leike Realty in Tupelo, MS. I consider Norma a great friend whom I admire for her impeccable ethics. Her reputation for integrity, honesty, and warm personality is sterling. Norma's brand new podcast, Blueprint for Real Estate Success can be found in the iTunes Music Store, as well.

Part Two is a book review submitted by Rae Niles, Director of Technology & Curriculum in the Sedgwick, KS School District. Rae reviews Jim Collins' book, Good to Great.

Please click on this link to buy Good to Great.

A special word of thanks goes to Ted Scalzo for providing the music used in this episode.

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As I prepare content for future podcast episodes, I am looking to you for input.

Much has been written, spoken, and conjectured about the topic of leadership. Often, however, those individuals offering their opinions about leadership come from differing vantage points -- having differing definitions of leadership. So, as they talk about being an effective leader, their words are associated with a definition that might not be universal.

So, what is your definition?

What is leadership?
What is a leader?

Please leave a comment here, email me, or leave a voice mail at the Think Like A Leader hotline at 206-984-3136.

Stay tuned for another episode coming in a few days.

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Until I get a better way of posting this voting mechanism, please consider using the one below. I am experimenting with some ways to vote for this podcast. I appreciate your helping me with the experiment. Here we go....

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Episode 2: Think and Grow Rich This episode includes a few comments about subscribers, the music that has been contributed, and the book review that follows. Then, we get right into a review of "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.

If you would like to leave voicemail or send a fax, feel free to call 206/984-3136 or email me.

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I am almost overwhelmed! In less than 48 hours, you have responded so wonderfully to my first episode on this podcast. This tells me several things:

1. You are a dynamic group of professionals
2. You must be the best group of listeners in all of "podcastdom"
3. I feel challenged to make this podcast even better -- even more powerful -- than originally planned
4. I must prepare a second episode soon and get more content flowing your way.

Thanks for your suggestions. Thanks for your support. Thanks for sticking in with me, as a loyal subscriber, until I get a collection of episodes that demonstrate to you what a valuable resource this podcast can be.

Now...please continue sending your comments and suggestions. Also, feel free to check out my other blog at or email me.

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Episode 1: Introduction to the Think Like A Leader podcast This is just a basic introduction to our podcast. My main purpose in this episode is to request your help in determining the direction the podcast will take.

While I have many ideas about future programs, I covet your input. Here are a few of the topics that will be covered as time allows:
* NCTP: What is it? Its history. Expansion of services. Future directions
* Interviews with successful leaders -- to determine their secrets of success
* Team building
* Profiles of courageous, successful leaders
* Commentary on crucial issues
* Resources for 21st Century leadership

So, I encourage you to join me in future episodes as we think, learn, and act like the great leaders we are becoming.

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